Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inspired by Momo

First of all, please ignore the left side of this picture where I accidentally photographed some my work area. I was using a different camera and the screen is incredibly small. I couldn't tell it was like that until I uploaded it. Oops!

Anyway, these altered binder clips were inspired by Momo over at I think I first saw these in her craft show video. They are perfect for holding photographs and are sooo super easy to make. In fact, I've even covered some clips to use at work for their intended use, holding papers together. It's much cuter with the patterned paper instead of just the plain boring black metal. After attaching the patterened paper, I just leave it as is, without attaching the scalloped circle and cute image.

I purchase my binder clips at Staples. You get 12 for $3.79. I think they would make perfect gifts.

Thanks Momo for all your inspiring projects!

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I adore these color combos!!!! They are awesome! I LOVE the ribbon you used and the images are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing you are AWESOME! XOXO Momo